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Customer service center days is a very important group, one of the sectors. Her main task is to : customer acceptance integrated business consulting, to provide technical support; Reception, coordination, handling customer complaints. resolve the knotty problems; take the initiative to communicate with customers, links, and understanding the feelings and customer demand, timely feedback to customer information related to the management and production enterprises and properly handle.

Customer service center under the Department of Management and Customer Technical Services Division. Major customer management admissibility customers integrated business consulting, technology services mainly to provide our customers with products that pre-sale, sale, after-sale technical support and solutions. To enable every one of the days, customers can be satisfied with the services and to maintain good corporate relationship of trust, We emphasize customer service and the effectiveness of targeted, and implemented a system for admissibility, that is the right of each customer a phone, Each one is responsible for the problem, promote mutual feelings and mutual understanding. If you have any products on our problems and needs, or for the services we have any comments and suggestions, You are welcome at any time to communicate with us, we will do our best for you. Your satisfaction is our purpose of serving the company and its customers the common development of our persistent pursuit.

Face the future, customer service center staff will be customer-friendly warmth, with brilliant casting services.

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