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About us
 Wenzhou Sanyang standard tool and mould factory is a joint-stock corporation. The factory is located at the east of city, north near to the Ou river, near to the Dong sea in the east, and convenient in the traffic. 
The factory mainly produces the standard screw tools and cold-pressing moulds.
In the coming years, relying on the excellent environment of the China reformation, the factory has attained complete development, introduced in skilled persons, constantly
increased investment input, carried through technique reconstruction, and has improved the mould rank. We also have been making use of corporation's advantage, intensifying the corporation management, mobilizing the employees' enthusiasm and decreasing the cost greatly. Now, our products have broken through Wenzhou city, and spreaded to the whole nation.
The standard screw tools we produce are listed as follows: the common metric system screw thread board, the BSW and BSF British system screw thread board, the UNC and UNF American system screw thread board, tapping nail, the metric system wooden bolt thread board, all kinds of wallboard nail, double knob discretion tooth, web veins, straight vein thread-rubbing board etc. We also produce the Ф1 to Ф6 automatic two vehicle cold-pressing machine, the Ф1 to Ф4 precise bourdon two vehicle automatic cold-pressing machine, the Ф1 to Ф6 thread-rubbing machine, the Ф1 to Ф6 groove-milling machine and the Ф4 to Ф12 multifunctional cold-pressing machine.
The cold-pressing mould we process are listed as follows: using for all kinds of bolts' advance process, precise process('一' type, '十'type, compound type, '工' type, square type, six angle type etc), all kinds of screws' advance process, precise process, margin mould cutting, concave model, horniness alloy concave mould of bolts and screws, contracting pole mould and thimble material cutting mould.
The mould materials we produce is listed as follows: high speed tool steel(6542), alloy tool steel(Crl2MOV, 9Crsi), spring steel(60si2Mn) and basic steel LD(new mould steel). They all adopt the vacuum heat treatment and nitrogen treatment, and the moulds is widely trusted by consumers beacuse of their lasting life-span.
We hold the tenet of serving you with the best quality, shortest period and the lowest price. You can collect the common products at any moment, and collect made-to-order mould in 2 to 7 days. You can pay back by cash and cheque, and the payment mode is flexible. The whole stuff sincerely welcome your arrival. 
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